Breaking Down the Best Work Music Genres

Posted by The Editors on December 14, 2011
Breaking Down the Best Work Music Genres

I’ve blogged about listening to music at work in an effort to boost energy and snap back to reality post-vacation.

But what kind of music? According to a Lifehacker article, tunes for maximum productivity fall into the four basic categories below. Try one, try them all, or mix them up. Perhaps Monday mornings call for white noise, but Friday afternoons call for Bach. We’ll let you decide.

Classical. According to a study discussed in the article, Baroque-period classical music—by the likes of Bach or Vivaldi—lifted the mood and productivity level of the majority of eight radiologists who spent the day listening. The odds are in your favor.

Ambient/Techno. The very vague “ambient” genre, as defined by Lifehacker: “designed not to jump in your face, but still keep your brain engaged at a lower, subconscious level.” And when we say techno, we’re not talking Tiësto, rather down-tempo or “chillout” music, described by Lifehacker as “designed to relax the mind and allow it to roam, while providing just enough stimulation to register as inspiration.” Sounds like that’ll help you brainstorm.

Noise. Sometimes, you would rather hear the constant whir an airplane engine than the Chatty Cathy two desks down. Now you can. People sleep with white noise machines, so why not drown out background noise in the office? Check out this website.

Other. From the Mario Kart soundtrack to news radio in a foreign language you don’t understand, it’s a case of “to each his own.” Discover yours.

Happy listening.

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