Critiquing the Origins of Job Interviewing

Posted by The Editors on October 26, 2011
Critiquing the Origins of Job Interviewing

For a caveman with no interview etiquette training, he did pretty well. (Notice the wink at :49 seconds?) But like most any interview candidate, this jobseeker could improve his story and his delivery.

Here’s where he slipped up:
  1. Appearance: Where’s the suit? But based on the article, “Dressing for Success in Interviews,” I guess he landed the “culture” aspect.
  2. No handshake. Know your handshake etiquette and show off your professionalism.
  3. He wasn’t aware of the available position. (They didn’t want hunters…)
  4. He flubbed the “Where do you see yourself in fifty moons time?” question. He should have read this article first.
  5. He lied about his past work experience. (Remember, it’s a small world—lying will catch up to you.)

Though this caveman didn’t save himself, read “Interview Disaster Relief” and find out how you can salvage a job interview when it goes astray.

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