Grilling Your Interviewer

Posted by The Editors on May 6, 2011
Grilling Your Interviewer
Many candidates tend to wait until the very end of the interview to unload all their questions. But the smart candidate knows to pepper them throughout, engaging their interviewer in the two-way street of conversation. Taking this active approach will show you’re confident, informed, and sociable. Just make sure to do your homework and come prepared with the right questions. Here are a few to consider.

1. Thinking back to people who have held this position before, what’s the difference between someone who was good at the job and someone that was really great?
Recruiters love questions like this. It shows you are thinking beyond the interview process and visualizing yourself in the job. It also gets your interviewer to reveal details of how their best employees have performed, so you can emphasize the same points that translate into greatness in your own skill set.

2. I read that your company recently merged with Company X. How has that affected your product portfolio/culture/management approach?
Any question that shows you’ve done your homework and are well-informed about what’s going on with the company is a good one. Bonus points if it’s specific to the department you will be in.

3. What’s your timeline for hiring for this position? OR What are the next steps in the interview process?
You should always end the interview by feeling out how long the hiring process is going to take, and when you can expect to hear from the interviewer—it can range from days to months. By knowing this you’ll be able to gauge how and when you should follow up.

Five Questions You Should Never Ask

1. What does your company do?
2. Is it possible for me to get a small loan?
3. How many warnings do you get before you’re fired?
4. Is your receptionist single?
5. Can I have a beer?

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