It's Not Personal. It's Strictly Business.

Posted by The Editors on September 15, 2011
It's Not Personal. It's Strictly Business.

I like to think that I don’t work in the “business” world—the one that’s cutthroat and all about the bottom line. In the writing and editing world I’ve known thus far, coworkers and bosses are supportive and nurturing. “Great piece!” “This is good, but could be a little different here and here, but it’s a great start.” “Really nice work.”

So when I turned a major assignment in to a freelance editor about a month ago, I was crushed when he simply dismissed my work as “crap.” How could someone be so harsh? Couldn’t he have said it nicely? Considered my feelings?

But this world, however far my version of it is from Wall Street, is all about business. If the quality of my work results in additional time spent by (and money spent on) a freelance editor, along with a delayed product release, it impacts the bottom line. It’s about the business—that word I’ve perceived as harsh, black-and-white, go or no-go, do or die. 

Business is everywhere, and as I learned today, it’s not so bad.

Today, I met the person who gave me those harsh edits. After working together for a full day, I came to the conclusion that this person I had once associated with the austere business-y way is actually a good guy with my best interest in mind. I actually liked the guy. And he made me realize that business isn’t so bad.

And the work, after all, turned out just fine. Had my submission not been handled so strictly, both of us would’ve wasted a lot of time (money).

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