The Entry-Level Dilemma: To Be Responsible or Party On

Posted by The Editors on July 13, 2011
The Entry-Level Dilemma: To Be Responsible or Party On

I remember taking a workout class where the instructor continually emphasized the importance of not “phoning in.” She was referring to throwing each punch with gusto and squeezing the glutes with each lunge, as opposed to simply going through the motions. And for optimal results, that’s just what you should be doing while working out—and, of course, while working.

Back in the days of interning, it seemed almost expected that we part-timers working for little or no pay would be phoning in a percentage of the time. But real-world, big-girl, fulltime jobs? It’s not an option.

So when I was invited to attend a press dinner as someone’s plus one last night, I accepted, thinking I could handle a night out and the mini-flu that’s been weighing me down. Hey, I’d done so successfully in my younger years. But then I stopped to think: Not only would my decision to go out and have a few drinks affect my health, which I can handle, but it would affect my work, which, in a salaried position, wouldn’t fly.

So I did the responsible, working-girl thing: I declined. And today? I tackled my to-do list with gusto, achieving optimal results. So my best career advice for you right now is to take a moment to consider the consequences of your post-work actions—and make the decision a responsible, working girl (or boy) would make.

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