Training On The Job: Ask About Your Options

Posted by The Editors on December 19, 2011
Training On The Job: Ask About Your Options

A new job can be a little daunting. Getting to know the inner workings of the company and being the awesome worker your boss recognized during your interview can be stressful if you don’t have a solid support system behind you. But companies are understanding a need for new employee training.

According to this Wall Street Journal article, “U.S. employers spent 36% more on learning and development in 2010 than in 2009.” Rather than wait for the perfect candidates, companies are training new graduates and in-house staff through educational partnerships and both in-house or external programs.

This is positive news for recent graduates and career transitioners who fear their lack of experience disqualifies them for job opportunities. One company in the article says that due to lack of experienced workers to fill certain jobs, it taps into the recent grad pool, which allows the company to customize the training these workers receive in the most optimal ways for each position. 

So how do you know if your company or the company you’re interviewing for offers on-the-job training or tuition reimbursement programs?

1. Check the company website.

2. If you’re offered the position in the interview, ask about job training or if the company offers any programs to help further learning in your particular field.

3. Don’t be afraid to suggest it. If your job requires you to learn a new program or the latest software, mention this to your boss and explain how it will help you do your job better and in the larger sense, help the company.

Many employers know that education is key to on-the-job success and most of the time these learning opportunities are available, but may go unnoticed. Don’t get left behind. If you’re interested in more training, ask about it. If nothing else, your boss will be impressed with your desire and enthusiasm to learn.

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